Erastes (erastes) wrote,

I’ve just received this charming diatribe in my inbox


[info]nojojojo sent you a message on LiveJournal: Now wait just a frickin' minute..
The message was:
“You thought my post was *trolling*? Seriously? It's fine if you don't remember me from RaceFail -- though I remember you -- but for you to accuse me of trying to start wank for wank's sake via a sockpuppet or fakename is just flat-out wrong (speaking of having facts wrong).
Look, I get your perspective. I'm also a fanfic writer (though I share my stories only with friends now); I've also made a pro career of my love of m/m, with a number of short stories published and some m/m content in my forthcoming trilogy of novels. So I was trying to stay polite and have a reasoned conversation with you, even though my knee-jerk reaction to your post was to tear my hair out at the offensive, short-sighted, selfish entitlement all over it.
But if you think *that* was trolling, then Jesus Christ you're not even worth trying to talk to.”

As you can see – another person who thinks that every comment is aimed at her, as I didn’t accuse anyone of sockpuppeting – all I did was freeze the thread as I had said all I was going to say and the atmosphere was getting less than debatey. I’ve actually never heard of this person, and I took almost no part in racefail, I certainly don’t remember posting about it – I completely and deliberately stayed out of the discussion.

It baffles me, really.  The only reason I’m closing comments on this post is that I’m done with the discussion, but as I’ve never received anything as unpleasant as this as a private message before I felt that airing it was the best way to clear the air from the inbox.

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