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Erastes [userpic]

just keep swimming…

April 14th, 2016 (05:56 pm)

well, i’ve got the laptop out, which is progress of a sort. It’s been under a chair for about six months or so – i dislike this laptop intensely, as some of the keys stick and programmes take forever to load – eg chrome took five minutes from the click… i know i should take it somewhere and get some tekkie to buff it up,, but with the ongoing depression, the thought of finding a computer store, taking it in and then collecting it seems like an impossible mountain to climb. Hard to explain if you’ve never been there, but anyone who has will grok it. so I’ll probably just get another one with the royalty reserves.

as i tweeted a while ago, i do have a bunny kicking around in my head, or rather just a NAME of a possible book which has been rattling around looking for a plot – so i remain optimistic, or as much as i can being a veritable Eeyore.  my books often start with only a title, Standish, Transgressions and Tributary started that way. I need to pick a time period next, I guess.

So, how is everyone? i’m guessing there’s  a lot less of you out there, can’t really fuck off off the map for 2 years and expect people to just to waiting around, but if you are there, i’m looking forward to catching up on what you have been up to. I have very little to report, Sasha is fine, so is Lili, I lost both of the boys in the last year so that was a body blow but at least i havent rushed out to replace them. I’ll wait for Lili to go – she’s 17 now – and decide whether to get another cat. I don’t know, having a cat is binding, with sasha i could at least go places and visit people around the place but if it involves being away for a length of time, you can’t really leave the cat..

Well, i’ll keep it short for now don’t want to post once and then vanish again as i’ve done several times before. *hugs*

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