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Erastes [userpic]

tmi update

September 2nd, 2012 (08:32 am)

13 days of it today and I feel like hell. I’m bleeding worse today than I was a week ago. Yes, I'm taking my iron pills like Smarties but they don't seem to be keeping up--I don't know whether taking the iron pills is simply making it worse. I feel like screaming because I had to go and have my Warfarin blood test on Friday. There was NO WAY I could have managed it unassisted, as I can't even walk into the kitchen without having to sit down, so I had to take Dad with me so we could pick up a wheelchair at the entrance. (The haemotology dept is about fifty miles from the entrance—ok, an exaggeration, but it’s the furthest away from the gate that you can get.)

Anyway, went and had the tests, and the whole day was stressful, as you can imagine—with Dad asking where we were going every ten minutes—but we got it done. I was even more exsanguinated by the time we got home and I was white as a ghost and exhausted.

Then this morning I got a letter from the Hospital saying that the blood sample was TOO SMALL and can I come in again asap. Seriously I could weep with frustration. Plus my Warfarin are nearly out, so I’ll have to ring the doctor and see what the solution is.

Why won’t it STOP?


Posted by: Rikibeth (rikibeth)
Posted at: September 2nd, 2012 01:26 pm (UTC)

Wait, you're bleeding like a spigot and they still have you taking warfarin? Are you at SUCH heavy risk for a clotting stroke or something that they still feel it's necessary? Because -- experience with an ex-father-in-law with bleeding ulcers -- that warfarin's only making it worse, otherwise!

Hope they get it sorted soon, and maybe incontinence knickers meantime?

Posted by: Erastes (erastes)
Posted at: September 2nd, 2012 01:28 pm (UTC)

oh yes, knickers in use, believe you me - no wonder i could never even consider a relationship!

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