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Erastes [userpic]

Am working my way through The Killing (US)

June 30th, 2013 (11:32 am)

which is good, in a certain sort of way – although I do hope it’s not going all Twin Peaks and we never find out what the blue blazes is going on.

I’ve just started series 2 and I’ll tell you what really annoys me about it, its that because it’s based on Forbrydelsen from Denmark they’ve got all out to copy the tone and feel of the Scandi Noir, just because (I’m guessing) Forbrydelsen was so popular internationally.

Now, I’ve been to Seattle. I was only there for a couple of days, and I was hugely lucky – they tell me – that it didn’t rain (but seeing as I came from Ireland, that didn’t phase me). I loved the place and if I were ever to move to the US – yeah, right, I’m not insane 0 that’s just the sort of place I’d choose. Outdoorsy as well as having a nice clean city. But in the Killing - everyone in Seattle, from the Governor (Hi, Jim Robinson!) to homeless kids wears unremitting black, white, grey, sludge. Sarah even stomps around in Scandinavian jumpers.  Everyone drives a monochrome car.  ABD IT RAINS all the time. No showers, just heavy thick unremitting rain. where are the Skittle coloured cabs that Seattle has, for a start?  If I lived there, I’d be fairly pissed at how it’s portrayed, and it certainly wouldn’t want me rush to visit it!

But, good show. Just hope it doesn’t keep having twisty endings and we never get to a conclusion. The Killing can refer to ANOTHER killing, after all.