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Erastes [userpic]

Had a nice surprise today

August 13th, 2014 (10:16 am)

feeling: hopeful

Which makes a nice surprise in itself.

Although I have been eating low-carb all year I have had problems with giving up alcohol entirely and I'd been eating too much cheese too so I knew I wasn't losing weight. I had given up weighing myself since February and I knew I'd put on weight. In fact i was quite sure I had put all the weight back on and that depressed me quite a lot. On top of depression, very nice...

So it was a great surprise to finally being brave enough to get on the scales today to find that I hadn't put all the weight back on, and had "only" (this being subjective!) put on 17 pounds -- when I had originally lost 50, so I still feel I'm winning.

So I'm back on the low-carb now, without cheese (too much of a temptation) and I'm not going to be stupid enough to say "I can give up the wine entirely" because I know I can't - so I'm going to have some fortnightly and look forward to it.

Once I'm below where I was before I'll do a bit more celebration, but now I KNOW I can do it, and in the year I've been practising this food regime I've got it down to a fine art of 30 carbs maximum a day and I love what I eat. I've (finally) learned to eat three meals a day, I'm eating five-a-day (typical, just when they say it should be 7-10) and I've learned to have PORTIONS not make enough for six and eat enough for six. (although to be frank, the way I've done THAT is to cook enough for one each day. More time consuming I know, but it means I only eat my portion for the day, not the entire supply for the week.

So, onward and downward. :D


Posted by: Plutonian #2 (moreteadk)
Posted at: August 13th, 2014 09:35 am (UTC)

Well, it's a learning process, I expect. You've learned a lot so far, like you pointed out, and you have cultivated some awesome habits. There's just still something to learn. :) You've been doing so well, I know you can keep it up. ♥

Posted by: charliecochrane (charliecochrane)
Posted at: August 13th, 2014 10:22 am (UTC)

Keep it up, toots. There's light at the end of the tunnel.

Posted by: sandra_lindsey (sandra_lindsey)
Posted at: August 13th, 2014 04:11 pm (UTC)

Yay for nice surprises :-)

I find that often the things which are better for us in the long-run are the things which take more time.

Posted by: DarkEmeralds (emeraldsedai)
Posted at: August 14th, 2014 06:17 pm (UTC)
Eat Food

Your report (congratulations, by the way!) came to me at a perfect time. I've been beating myself up over regaining some of the 65 lbs I lost, and I needed the reminder that a person doesn't lose that much weight without having made some lasting changes in diet and habits.

If you or I had made no such lasting changes, our regain would have been the traditional 105% or more, not a few pounds.

So thank you for the inspiring reminder, and go you! And go me!

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