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Erastes [userpic]

there are no words

May 4th, 2015 (08:56 pm)

I know I should ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS read the pattern all the way through before starting knitting, but I never do.

I tend to knit one line at a time as the instructions go.

SO THIS!!!!!! made my jaw hit the deck. I had already knitted the first part (I’ve bolded for ease) when I got to the next part which then conflicted totally with the first part!


k to 11 st past first marker, bind off the next 46 st, leaving 11 st before next marker. When you bind off, work k2tog before you pass the previous stitch over, every second time, as follows: (K2 tog, k1, pass previous st over, k1, pass previous st over) until you have 11 st left on the needle before next marker.

i MEAN…. WTF?!