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Erastes [userpic]

No, that’s it, I’m done with Outlander/Lucius’ Health

May 11th, 2015 (01:44 pm)

I’m done. DONE, with Outlander. Half the way through Dragonfly in Amber and I just can’t read another word. And that infuriates me. I like to FINISH series. I even finished Dune. Yes, I did, although I was nearly sick to death by the end.

annoyedcatBut I simply can’t finish the Outlander series. It’s raising my blood pressure. There’s a WTF moment literally on every page, as Dan Brown Like, Gabaldon shoehorns a THIS IS A FACT AND I RESEARCHED IT AND YOU WILL KNOW IT TOO fact with not so gay abandon. The problem with these “facts” is that they are generally wrong—as I said in my last entry on the subject—and there’s so much wrong that I find myself checking up on every shoehorned fact just because I don’t trust her—and that doesn’t lead to restful reading. As i read mostly in bed these days, I like the experience to be restful and it ain’t, not when I’m yelling “WHAT????!!” every ten minutes.

Plus my lovely Kindle fire HD (thank you again G) which I love to pieces, is in constant danger of being thrown across the room. Perhaps one day I’ll get hold of second hand paperbacks and can try again when the only thing in danger will be the cats.

Talking of cats, Lucius isn’t well. I noticed a couple of weeks ago that his stomach was rumbling in the morning and stupidly I didn’t equate this with worms as I worm him regularly. He started to lose weight, and you know what it’s like with animals, it was gradual and one day I looked at him and realised how thin he’d become. I wormed him again and waited a week to see if he improved. Sadly he hasn’t so it was off to the vet today where I got a lecture on worming and flea treatment which made me feel like I should be a target on the RSPCA programme, then had to pay £130 for blood tests and worm and flea treatments. Serves me right. Evil pet owner.

So, he’ll get his results tomorrow, and they’ll know whether it’s anything medical like thyroid or diabetes or kidney or liver and in the meantime I’ll reworm him and hope for the best.

Fingers crossed, peeps, I lost Sevvie already, couldn’t bear to lose Lucius too.

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Posted by: Plutonian #2 (moreteadk)
Posted at: May 11th, 2015 04:02 pm (UTC)

Perhaps the worm medicine you have dosn't work on his worm. We had that trouble with flea treatments when our kitties had fleas. We tried and tried and it didn't do anything. When someone told us to try a different brand, suddenly we had a complete flea massacre. Perhaps his worms have become immune in some way.

Posted by: Erastes (erastes)
Posted at: May 11th, 2015 04:40 pm (UTC)

Nod, thinking it might be that, so the different pill the doc gave him should hopefully work. Been using Frontline for years and noticed that it has stopped working, so I've changed to advantage. sigh. all money!

Posted by: Gehayi (gehayi)
Posted at: May 11th, 2015 04:46 pm (UTC)
being an adult (rikibeth)

Oh, poor Lucius. I hope he gets better quickly!

Posted by: Erastes (erastes)
Posted at: May 12th, 2015 09:30 am (UTC)

Thanks, dear. It's a worry!

Posted by: sandra_lindsey (sandra_lindsey)
Posted at: May 11th, 2015 08:42 pm (UTC)

Poor Lucius! They are worrisome at times, aren't they? Wormed our kitty this evening & she snuggled on my lap all through NCIS which she hasn't done since she was a kitten!

Posted by: Erastes (erastes)
Posted at: May 12th, 2015 09:30 am (UTC)

It is very worrying, and you feel so helpless!

Posted by: Quiet desperation (lexin)
Posted at: May 11th, 2015 10:16 pm (UTC)

I'm sorry to hear Lucius is poorly. I hope he gets better. I know I lose it a bit when I think that Smokey might be sick.

Posted by: Erastes (erastes)
Posted at: May 12th, 2015 09:32 am (UTC)

Cats! Can't eat them, can't feed them to the dog!

Posted by: Ennui in Suburbia (irreparable)
Posted at: May 12th, 2015 11:41 am (UTC)
Mohawk Kitty judges you

I hope Lucius is better soon, poor thing.

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